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Royal Hybrid® Confection Planting Seed

CHS Sunflower focuses its hybrid seed-breeding efforts on improving the yield and performance of confectionary planting seeds while meeting the quality requirements and ever-changing tastes of sunflower seed consumers around the world. Under our own Royal Hybrid® brand, we offer the following seed varieties:

Royal Hybrid® 402 CL

  • Clearfield® hybrid
  • Very good size
  • Mid-late maturity (121 days to physiological maturity)
  • Good overall plant health
  • Single-cross, very uniform hybrid
  • Short plant type

Royal Hybrid® 400 CL

  • Single-cross hybrid, very uniform
  • Improved yield potential
  • Excellent stalk strength
  • Good to excellent general plant health
  • Short neck and upright head for easy harvesting
  • Fast drydown
  • Very early maturity (118 days to physiological maturity)

Royal Hybrid® 1121

  • CHS traditional-type hybrid (17.02mm)
  • Long history of very good yield potential and stability
  • Good standability
  • Uniform for three-way hybrid and quite stable over varying conditions
  • Mid-late maturity (120 days)
  • Good overall plant health

Royal Hybrid® 1130

  • Dupont™ ExpressSun™ type hybrid
  • High yielding variety
  • Mid-maturity (120 days)
  • Mid-height plant
  • Very good overall plant health
  • Excellent herbicide tolerance
  • Good standability
  • Very good seed size

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