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CHS has been serving bakery, snack food and food-service industries with quality small grain and oilseed-based ingredients for more than half a century. We stand behind our quality with a money-back guarantee and superior service.

Sunflower kernel
Sunflower kernel, flavorful and nutritious, is a cost-efficient way to add taste, texture and eye appeal to a variety of baked goods and snack food selections. For the food manufacturer, kernels require no prep, such as chopping, are shelf-stable, and are not a major allergen. For the consumer, they are an important source of protein, fiber, lipids, minerals and vitamins. With its subtle nutty flavor, the crisp, crunchy sunflower kernel brings distinction to any formulation.
Roasted or raw.
380-450 – Very large confection kernel; largest in the industry; best traits for trail mixes, toppings and premium snack applications. Non-GMO.
450-550 – Large confection kernel; well suited for all applications. Non-GMO.
550- 750 – Medium kernel; suitable for many applications. Non-GMO.
Bakery – Small kernel; well suited as an ingredient. Non-GMO.
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In-shell sunflower
Roasted and salted, in-shell sunflower seeds are increasingly popular as a nutritious, convenient snacking choice around the world. They are high in protein, naturally low in carbohydrates and are the best whole-grain source of Vitamin E available.  Large in size and large in taste, in-shell sunflower seeds can be flavored to give consumers even greater choices.  Popular flavors include salsa, ranch, barbecue, hot and spicy, and dill pickle. Custom flavoring available.
–Agway 20/64 – Medium size in-shell; Non-GMO.
–Agway 22/64 – Large, conventional in-shell; Non-GMO.
–Agway 22/LS – Long and large in-shell; Non-GMO.
–Agway 24/64 – Very large size in-shell; Non-GMO.
–Agway XL-10 – Extra long type in-shell; Non-GMO.           
–Agway XL-8 – Smaller extra-long in-shell; Non-GMO.
–Agway XT – Largest conventional in-shell; Non-GMO.
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Health-conscious consumers find flax a nutrition-packed ingredient, rich in essential omega-3 fatty acid, Vitamin E, dietary fiber and protein, but low in carbohydrates. Gluten-free, flax is a particularly good source of a variety of antioxidants and minerals. Food companies find flax a healthful choice for both taste and performance in baked goods and dry mixes.  It can extend shelf life, and improve both volume and texture in finished products. With a nutty flavor and unique shape, flax is an attractive and tasty topping choice as well.
Brown or golden flax– Both varieties come in whole seed or milled; unroasted.
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Millet, higher in protein than rice, corn or oats, is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, particularly iron. The nutrition-focused consumer appreciates the phytochemicals in millet that may lower cholesterol and reduce cancer risk. Food companies appreciate millet’s diversity as an ingredient in cereals, breads, soups and stuffing mixes.  With a mild nut-like flavor, it can be puffed for breakfast cereal.
Hulled millet – Ready to use; Non-GMO.
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Packaging Options
• Bulk boxes and bags
• Multi-wall paper bag (25 lb, 50 lb, 25kg)
• Corr-Vac® (25 lb, 45 lb, 20 kg)
• Poly bag in carton (5, 10 and 25 lb)
• Custom private label packaging upon request
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