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Grower Bulletin: August 2013

Grower Bulletin: June 2011

Field Description Form for 2011

2011 Sunflower Contract Announcement

Sample 2011 Contract

Grower Bulletin July 2010: Insect and Disease Control

Grower Bulletin: June 2010

Field description form

Grower Bulletin: Spring Planting 2010

Grower Bulletin: Summer 2009

Grower Bulletin: Spring 2009

2009 Sunflower Contract Announcement

2009 Seed Price List

Grower Bulletin: Harvest 2008

Time for Spraying - July 2008

Sunflower Rust Alert 2008

Rust Diagrams

Grower Bulletin: Summer 2008

Free help for blackbird control in sunflower fields

New 2008 Contract

Grower Bulletin: Harvest 2007

Grower Bulletin: Headline Fungicide, July 2007

Grower Bulletin: June 2007

Grower Bulletin: Planter Setup

Grower Bulletin: Harvest 2006

The North Dakota State University Extension site is recommended as the most current information source for sunflower growers on such topics as soil and fertilizer recommendations, planting, harvesting, storage, pest control and pesticides, among others. Click here to access the NDSU Extension index page.

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