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Welcome to CHS Sunflower, worldwide supplier of sunflower products and related food ingredients, as well as industry leader in hybrid sunflower seed development.

CHS Sunflower is among the world’s largest confection sunflower processors, serving more than one-third of the United States edible market of both in-shell and kernel, and leading exporter of the Agway® brand. We also proudly package and distribute the Feathered Friend® and Chirp® lines of premium bird food.

We consistently provide the freshest and finest because we buy direct from growers, many of whom grow our Royal Hybrid® sunflower seed exclusively for CHS. We set the standard of product purity and performance not just for sunflower, but for other dry ingredients, including buckwheat, flax and hulled millet.

We are your partner in setting a new level of customer satisfaction with superior product quality, unmatched service levels and dependability you only get from someone who cares as much about your business as you do.

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